Jed Needs A Project

I may never heal from the shame of project CJH8, but I have to try. For those not keeping up.. once upon a time I bought a Jeep Scrambler, took it apart, and sold the pieces for a significant loss. It wasn’t supposed to go that way.

It’s probably time for another project, don’t you think?

You guessed it, I’m starting a country band.

Wait no, no I just want a redneck boat.

I have the pickup, the shed, the overgrown lawn, and the slowly crumbling house. Honestly I think a pontoon boat is the only thing I’m missing.

There’s a problem though. Things cost money. I don’t have much of that.


Buy broken thing, and fix it up. Probably spend more money but through accounting methods I’ve learned at work I can take care of that.

The Boss and I aren’t quite on the same page regarding just how much fixin’ up we should undertake. I’m sure we’ll get there.

My Criteria: Boat + Trailer + 2 Titles. An engine wouldn’t hurt.

So if you know anybody getting rid of a pontoon that meets these criteria for dirt cheap, let me know!

Stay tuned, if I buy something crappy enough Jed might go to the vlogosphere for this one.


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