License to Jed

Between temperatures reaching around 100 and humidity at a consistent 200% I may have fried my brain. For the readers, this could be a good thing.

This seasons of failed projects is nearly upon us. Pontoon boat takes top priority but of course I need some backups. I was recently gifted a leaf blower and the gifters (Ken from the Salt Flats and A Mysterious Stranger) suggested we build a hovercraft with it. Older and wiser since the last hovercraft build, I think that’s a great idea. That stroke of genius was followed by a separate unrelated suggestion to build a hover mower to overcome my swamp of a lawn. My good friend and small engine consigliere Irish reminded me that hover mowers are in fact a thing that exists.

So what are we going to build? Obviously a hovercraft powered hover mower. Having trouble wrapping your head around my brand of B.S.? Please see the rendering below.

Obviously I want to invest little to no money into this, so… if you have any interest in donating materials to this wonderful cause please reach out. I pretty much need everything except the driver.

Off the top of my head I need: Plywood, horizontal shaft gas engine, something resembling a propellor, cage for fan, bike cable (thinking throttle(s) and steering), seat, skirt material, oh and a hover mower.

I’ll stand by waiting for the donations to pour in.


1 thought on “License to Jed

  1. Elizabeth Thompson July 22, 2019 — 8:29 am

    Where is your go fund me? I want to see this.


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