Jed Never Dies

We are back with Episode 3 of the Jed Video tele blogging series. You can’t tell but I tried to mumble less and annunciate more. I’ll work on that..

Before you get to this week’s episode, take a moment to fire up your day proper with this classic tune. It was pretty much the soundtrack to my Friday evening. Monday will be better right? It’s a new week.

Alright wasn’t that fun. Episode 3 bounces around mostly through this past weekend, and it was a busy one. We started Saturday off with house cleanup and organization, real thrilling stuff. We ended the day with crabs, shrimp, and some pool time with friends.

Sunday we packed up the boat and drove down to Lake Anna. The drive went just peachy. We did a bit of exploring and overall had a great day on the water. The boat did pretty good, it did stall a few times but not as bad as our last trip out. The biggest problem I have with it right now is the hard top. It basically has a carport sitting on top, which for those keeping up you saw that I tried to send it sailing down the highway and ended up putting a small hole in it. Well it wobbles like heck so I spent the entire day holding on to it. I’ll try to add some stability to it this week so we can head back out next week hopefully with less issues.

More boat projects to come this week. I’ll try to keep this exciting YouTube channel going. If nothing else it gives me feedback on my delightfully mumbly speech patterns. A few years of this and somebody might be able to understand what I’m saying.


1 thought on “Jed Never Dies

  1. Elizabeth Thompson August 5, 2019 — 8:11 am

    It’s this what it takes to get you to enunciate? Amusing. Looks like you all had a nice weekend!


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