Jed Another Day

With the caliber of crap I write about you know it’s not been an exciting week when I skip a post.

Lately the name of the game has been cleanup. I’ve been working on the yard a bunch and on the Red Shed a bit. Just a few small boat projects recently. The biggest thing to happen over the past two weeks was The Boy’s eye surgery.

You may have noticed that his eyes tend to point straight at his nose. Apparently that can be a problem. We took him in to have both eyes corrected at the same time. Not quite 3 years old and this was his second go round with anesthesia.

The surgery took place at an outpatient facility so we pretty much walked in the door straight to reception. I don’t know if hospitals in the rest of the country are like they are here, but they’re all a friggin maze to the point that they have tour guides to take you where you need to be and usually people stationed at the end of dead end hallways to let you know you lost that round, go back to the beginning and try again.

Anyway we were the first scheduled surgery of the morning so we got our rockstar parking and signed right in. Hung out for a little bit then they took us back. We went right past all the curtained patient partitions to our own corner suite. Dressed the boy in his gown, spoke to all the doctors, and he was off.

The last time he went under I was with him while they gassed him. Happily that was not an option here. Less traumatic for all.

The surgery took less than an hour and we were back with our passed out son, looking so calm and puffy eyed. The nurse let us know what to expect when The Boy started to wake up. She was not wrong. He woke up angry and confused. Spent a good 20 or so minutes screaming, rolling, and trashing. It would have been fairly terrifying if it weren’t for the nurse assuring us the entire time that this is normal.

After all was said and done we were sent on our merry way. The Boy had about a day of pain and confusion but since then he’s been great. Recovery has been fast and his eyes are straight! We did find out (2 minutes before surgery) that his eyes still may go crossed without glasses. That was a huge disappointment to hear since it was the first time we were informed. Too late to turn back.

Here’s the final crossed eyed photo and the first close up photo of the damage and results.

Gotta admit the red eyes were friggin terrifying. Luckily he never saw them.

So there you go, the biggest event of the past two weeks. If you want to know all about my yard and shed, then watch the latest video!


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