Casino Jed

Oh, hi there.

(Music starts at 4:30)

I’m back after a short but much needed sabbatical from blogging. Writing nothing but solid gold day in and day out is exhausting. The brain can only be taxed so much before it shuts down. I think mine shut down in ’99.

I think I’m going to skip the catchup post and just start over again. Instagram should have done a good job to keep you up.

So it’s fall now even though it’s almost 90 degrees. That means project season is upon us. I kicked off the season by finally fixing a cabinet that I’ve had for several years, and it has been in need of repair the whole time. There wasn’t much to do as it turns out. I replaced a pane of glass, reinstalled a drawer pull, and glued on a piece of trim. Not sure why I put that one off.

There is endless potential for house projects this winter, not sure which we’re going to tackler I’ve got two bathrooms that need to be gutted. I have a kitchen floor that needs to be replaced before it completely disintegrates. I have lots and lots of paint to do and plenty of holes to patch. The kitchen floor really needs to be done but it requires pulling out all of the cabinets which is why I’ve been putting it off. It’s a bit of a big job.

On the non house front we’ve got the hovercraft which.. well nothing’s happened there. I’m sure we’ll build it one day. There’s the go kart which needs some welding, seats, and engine work. The goat pen needs a sprucing up. Project ditch was left unfinished. My fence needs to be straightened. I need to bury a new line for the robot mower. Oh, and I want to build a CO2 laser CNC machine.

So what I’m saying is.. I should have something to write about here soon. I work on projects, you get to read about me just failing miserably. It’s a win win.

Until next time..


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