Jed of Solace

I wanted to drop the Bond title themes.. but with only 3 to go I have to see this through.

Alright Monday, I’m back. I’ve said that a lot at this here blog. Nothing keeps followers like inconsistency.

So where did we leave off? No don’t go searching, I got this;

“On the non house front we’ve got the hovercraft which.. well nothing’s happened there. I’m sure we’ll build it one day. There’s the go kart which needs some welding, seats, and engine work. The goat pen needs a sprucing up. Project ditch was left unfinished. My fence needs to be straightened. I need to bury a new line for the robot mower. Oh, and I want to build a CO2 laser CNC machine.”

Casino Jed – Jed

1 – Hovercraft

Come on if I started on the hovercraft you would have known about it by now. I’m not counting it out, it’s just not at the top of the list. I almost want to do it right and not just slap something together.

2 – Go Kart

The go kart has seen some progress. I tore apart the carb and got the engine running again. I’ve cleaned up the front calipers and master cylinder so I have partial braking. The exhaust ripped off (bolts broke in engine) on my last test drive so I need to work on that. It also has no seat and a flat tire. Good things are happening there though.

3 – Goat Pen

Believe it or not I actually cleaned up the goat pen. All of the wood that I’m going to restack has been stacked. I added a few things for the goats to climb around on, and did some general cleanup and maintenance. No I didn’t take any photos, yes I know this blog is awful. Here’s a photo of my cousins cows.

4 / 5 / 6 – I haven’t touched the fun projects. Not sure I’ll touch the ditch this year. I do want to straighten the fence, but that’s a hard maybe. And finally, I need to put a new mower wire in before spring. She’s going to live again after a year break.

7 – Believe it or not, I started on the CO2 laser project. I started assembling the motion bits this weekend.

Had a few fitment issues which I expected based on where I sourced some of the parts from. As it sits now it’s a bit out of square and one side is longer than the other, so some trimming and adjustments to make. Next steps? Get the belt installed and the motion working. Add cable management and cable extensions. After that it’s time to buy the laser, mirrors, power supply, air compressor, and water pump. It’s going to be fun!

Time to go shopping.


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