Welcome back dear readers.

I’m happy to report no progress on any of the projects I wrote about last month. Don’t worry, I started a few more just to keep it real.

I did actually put a few more pieces on the CO2 laser cutter but it looks about the same as it did in the last photo. Next step involves a few purchases so I’m waiting til after Christmas.

In the meantime I started working on a playhouse for the kiddos. The old playhouse at my parents house was starting to rot so my dad tore it down and gave me the wood from the deck. Like any good small child’s playhouse the decking is built with friggin 2×10’s just in case you want to park a car on it.

On top of the free playhouse base Ken from the poor house gifted me a DIY deck kit which included a bunch of Trex deck, a railing, and all of the hardware needed to put it together. Getting it home was a tad sketchy (my trailer was perfectly balanced about the axle with 12′ boards on it) but I made it.

I’ve made decent progress so far. The deck is built, all the boards attached. Most of the railing posts are installed as are the railings. Now I just need to build a playhouse! No big deal right? Since this is for the kids it’s much more likely to get done then all of the other projects I’m working on. We’ll see!

I had an unexpected project this past week. Sunday morning I noticed my heater had been running for a long time, but the house was cold. Popped downstairs to see the exhaust fan running but no flames. Sat downstairs troubleshooting for quite some time, called around but couldn’t get anybody to come same day. Eventually I traced the problem to a dead relay due to a shorted wire. Ordered a new part for next day delivery and got it fixed up Monday!

It stopped working mid week due to a minor issue (forgot a ground wire) but I got that taken care of and it’s been running since.

Hopefully I can get another ten years out of it.


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