Jed – Slow Pinger

It’s my turn to share?


I know I passed last week.. fine, I’ll talk.

Hi everybody.

My name is Jed, and I suffer… I suffer from slow ping.

It feels good to get that out of my system. I’m going to go have a cry while you watch this video then we’ll regroup.

I feel better.

Story Time. The Boss bought me Call of Duty Modern Warfare for Christmas. I’ve been having a blast playing it but the lag tends to make it suck. Every kill cam replay I watch shows me shooting wildly at a wall while my enemy takes their time picking me off. No good. So I went disconnecting devices that might be causing issues with no results.

Well my modem is old so I went to Best Buy and bought a replacement. Fired that bad boy up, got it registered with Comcast, and waited… and waited and waited. No internets.

Several calls with Comcast and Netgear lead to the conclusion; return it. So I unplugged it, reconnected the old modem, went to register it.. aaaand nothing. “Sorry you have no modem connected, have you tried connecting it?”

It is connected I’m looking right at the damn thing!!

Another call to tech support and I was told to call back at 7AM tomorrow (Sunday) when the pro staff was in. Called back the next morning and Rick from hooked me up. Took about 20 minutes but he got it working.

So the new modem is returned, old modem is reinstalled. Modem and router are both factory defaulted. Guess what.. no lag. Ping is good. I’m a (virtual) killing machine once again. Now I begin the process of slowly setting everything back up until something tanks my network.

Alright, got the complaining off my chest, look, more shed cleaning!

The electrical corner is taking shape. I need a new place for saw blades and the lathe, trying to make this a dedicated space. Project death ray will live again don’t fear!

Ooh also, I made a thing! I’ve been meaning to make some sort of compost turner for a while, but you know.. lazy. Finally a 55 gallon drum fell in my lap so I got a good excuse to break out the welder.

Pro tip:

It seems to do the trick. The base is definitely going to collapse at some point, I’ll think about making a better one when that happens. Now if this works out I want to weld about 3 more barrels to it and set it up so I can move compost down the line and eventually sift and dump it. Oh and put a motor on it. Who wants to help?

I’ve been slacking on sharing some family pictures, so here we are!


1 thought on “Jed – Slow Pinger

  1. Elizabeth Thompson February 10, 2020 — 8:50 am

    I love your little monsters!!


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