Did You Try Turning It Off And On Again?

Before we get into this post, did you restart your system and clear your cache?

Today we unofficially return to the fascinating Extremely Employable series which takes a deep thought provoking dive into the maze that is Jed’s career path.

If you would like to catch up in reverse order click HERE.

Episode XI left us with a bit of a cliffhanger, at the conclusion I returned to the company I worked at in Episode X. Previously I was employed as a Project Coordinator. I returned as an Assistant (to the) Project Manager and eventually dropped the Assistant title. In what could be Episode XIII I eventually transitioned from Project Management to System Design. In that role I designed and quoted security systems, worked to build up and maintain our CAD program. Quoting became boring so I took on a new challenge of revamping our technical documents. But hey, it’s never enough right?

It’s time for a new challenge!

I’m in a bit of a confused and undefined transition process but I am currently moving on over to tech support. It’s a move that’s making coworkers say ‘huhwhat?’.. but I’m excited. I’m back into a hands on role where I get to yell at people, what more could you ask for?

Even though my job is still transitioning and I’m not completely sure who I work for, my mood has dramatically improved. I’m further removed from a negative place and am working with a solid team.

No no don’t panic. My happiness will not prevent me from bitching and moaning in this here blog while simultaneously starting and failing to complete moderately interesting projects (looking at you death ray laser). That’s why you’re here right? Hopefully.. because the Extremely Employable Series has come to an end.



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