Jed Patches a Hole, Also Lasers!

You Ready? I’m Ready.

Welcome to another exciting edition of ‘Jed Does Some Stuff Then Rambles About It’. I had a longer name but I shortened it for radio.

The El Casa De Jed’s House is a Holy place. Wait that’s wrong. It’s holey, yeah the house is holey. It came equipped with a few holes to prime the pump, but I’ve added several along the way. Most of the holes I’ve added were to fix shoddy electrical, or add my own shoddy electrical. Once I finish the electrical work I either abandon the hole in the wall, or cover it with furniture.

Well after a Saturday morning trip to Ken from Demolitia’s house to build a half wall (take down a full wall and leave it like that) I returned inspired to partially complete my own project

I bought a little chunk of drywall like 2 months ago with the intent of patching holes. I’d say everything went about as expected, maybe even better! I didn’t get the fast drying mud that way I can drag this project out forever. I decided to do this in sections to so hopefully by the time I get to the last one I can do a decent patch. There are three along this wall where I had to fix the wiring to the deck light.

After fully packing my beard with drywall mud I went for a little walk with the family. OG enjoys the view from up top, and refuses to hang on.

Finished the day with my first trip to the local Library of Congress video archives for a screening of Clerks on 35mm. There were a pile of people there who had never seen the movie, and they didn’t even walk out! It was a neat experience, and free which is a nice bonus. I’ll definitely be going back.

What else what else.. I bought a Google Home Mini and a Nest Mini. Did you know they had 2 different things that look exactly the same? Cause I sure didn’t. Bye Alexa

I made a little shelf to hold my C Clamps so I don’t have to worry about them falling off my work bench and clonking a child.

And oh yeah, the friggin laser! I told you I wasn’t done with it. I need a proper PC to run this thing but for now I am using G Code sender on my Chrome Book. At first the Y axis was having an issue where one side would go back and forth, but the other side would travel the same direction no matter what. After a bit of troubleshooting I found out one of my servo encoders was dead so I swapped it and I have mostly functional X/Y axis’ses! Slow progress is progress.


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