Thank God It’s Monday

We have had a doozy of a weekend. Not enough of a doozy to write about.. but hey I’m trying to stay consistent.

But first, start your day the brutal way.. with Fleshgod Apocalypse! Now with more breee.

I think I’ll skip telling you about my screaming children and instead take a look at the limited playhouse progress I’ve made. I started with the deck and railing because that’s the material I had. Time to buy a bit of lumber. I’ve been waiting for some to drop in my lap but I think I should just keep this project moving.

This weekend I added a little step to the deck and another section of railing. I also laid out the size of the playhouse for a little reference.

The step is resting on bricks.. which are sinking in the water. Literally the water level is at the base of the grass. I live in a swamp.
2 posts and 1 section of railing added. 1 more to cut. The playhouse will be about 5′ x 6′, nothing too big.

So.. design suggestions?! What do I do with this thing? I feel like it can’t be too crappy, I can’t have a 1/2 wide trailer sitting on this fancy deck. I need to maximize awesome and minimize $$. Let me know what you think. The kiddos happiness depends on you and your design decisions.. I should put that big boat roof over it and call it a day.


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