Jed’s Been Framed

Wait no.. Jed framed, or.. Jed’s a framer. Jed’s not good at English. Watch music.

The family Jed has survived another gauntlet of a weekend. It’s only a gauntlet at this point because our threenager is fully stepping into his role as a 3 year old. He’s a tad emotional.

Saturday we picked up new specs for The Boy from the local Walmart. We bought them because he misplaced a lens from his glasses. Luckily that lens was found just after we bought the new ones, since he doesn’t want to wear his new super spiffy paw patrol glasses. O.G. also looks pretty good in them.

In between tantrums The Boy and I got to work on his new playhouse. When I set out the floor plan I realized one of the walls was sitting between the deck joists. Annoying. I ended up pulling up deck boards to add some additional support underneath. Rock solid.

After that we got to framing! Not sure I know what I’m doing, and I definitely don’t have a complete plan. As long as it’s safe and lasts a few years it’ll be fine. It will definitely be fun putting siding on against that railing

Rent is $650 / mo., and that includes use of the poop bucket and extension cord. Naturally heated and cooled. No parties, alcohol, drugs, extended stay guests, visitors in general, pets, political signs, sun bathing (nude or otherwise), use of pool, use of yard, use of driveway, use of facilities, access to main house, or crocs.


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