Don’t Cough At The Grocery Store

While the world is facing a very real pandemic the family Jed experienced a mini outbreak of our own. I really hope this is the worst we see, the kids are too young for Corona and I don’t like it.

The classic 24 hr stomach bug slowly creeped through our household attacking us one by one. O.G. was first to fall, makes sense, he’s small and weak. The Boy was next. He let us know by crawling into our bed and puking on The Boss’s pillow.

It should come to no surprise that The Boss was infected shortly after. She was also gifted with the children at home while she was sick. Not to be outdone I started licking every surface in the house. Eventually it worked and my stomach turned upside down.

I also got to stay home with the kiddos while sick because by this time The Boss’s mom came down with the sickness too (followed by her dad).

We’re all in various stages of recovery now. I think today will be ok, yesterday was headache day.

In between everybody being sick as hell I decided to rent a mini stump grinder and take out 6 stumps. I really really wish I got the bigger one, but it’s mostly done.

Now that obstacles have been reduced it’s time to rerun line for the robot what that mows my lawn. She’s been out of commission for a year, but Cindy is coming back.

I’d finish this post by catching you up on the photo challenge, but I haven’t taken any in a while on account of all the crap going on. So, sad ending.


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