Name My Death Ray

Project death ray needs a real name!

But first.. human music

My more attentive readers (my mom) may notice a lack of follow through on the most recent photo challenge. I believe when we left off I said something something I’ll catch up.

I never caught up. Over a week of a very sick family killed it for me. Until next year!

So what have we missed?

There was fun with cardboard. That piece of cardboard stayed on our living room floor longer than it probably should have. It’s kind of fun to be able to draw on the floor whenever you want. The Boy always wanted to color exactly where his brother was sitting.

I finally installed a new bimini top on the SS Jed.. wait no the boat needs a better name too. That sounds too.. well I don’t want SS in front of my name. Did we already name the boat? I don’t think we named the boat.

The top was a pain to install but it’s going to be muuuuch better than the rickety broken carport roof it used to have.

Of course there’s been lots of fun with the kiddos. O.G. has finally decided he likes food which is nice. Eggs and Pizza are current favorites.

We had our first virtual game night / happy hour. That was a lot of fun, and something we should continue Post Corona.

I brought Cindy the robot mower out of retirement. She’s been out of commission for a year and it shows. I relocated her base station to the front yard to make life a little easier. She’s not quite up and running yet, still has some rust in the gears. Hopefully I’ll get a good mow or two in before somebody up and steals her (don’t steal her… I’ll find you).

And finally.. the friggin laser beam.

Laser beam needs a name.

Name my laser beam.

Laser beam also needs a laser.

Laser beam isn’t technically a laser beam without a laser.

I received a few more parts from CHHYNNAH this week, very excite! I installed one drag chain for cables and the air line, will install the other tonight. Next i need to get a raspberry pi or windows workstation up and running to control this bad boy. Until now I’ve been using a gcode sender from my chromebook but it’s just turrible.

That’s all for now, regular posts to resume when they do.


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