Jed Redux

A new month, a new Jed.

You believe that?

I sure don’t.

It’s been a while since we sat down and had a good chat. I try to keep politics out of my post, mostly because I’m too dumb to comment on worldly matters, but I have something to say..


Feels good to get that off my chest. Now for a Jed half done project update.

Project: Death Ray

The still unnamed death ray is fully mobile and has a computer to run it. I’ve tested the movement with a marker in place of the laser and it works quite well. Now I just need a laser, mirrors, water pump, air pump, and a power supply! Donations accepted.

Project: The Playhouse

Happily, the playhouse has not yet sunk into the swamp. I recently added a roof so I guess it’s technically dried in. I also added a PVC phone between the playhouse and the adjacent playground. The Boy approves. Next is paint and trim. I still don’t think I’m going to do siding but I have a tendency to always change my mind.

Since I had some spare materials I also put up a cover for my firewood and gave the goat house a proper roof.

Project: Drain The Swamp (Continued)

Where did we leave off? Let’s see I put a french drain around the shed and ran about 150′ of pvc to the back creek so I can blast water out of the property. I also busted up the square concrete frame around the cistern because it was ugly. Of course I never replaced it with anything and left a mess.

Recently I installed a new drain line from one of the house gutters to the cistern. I also (with the help of Ken from Portlandia) built a concrete riser. Finally I capped it with a new concrete lid. That sucker is heavy. I’m going to be cussing a lot when the pump goes out. I have a trench dug for the next leg of the drain which will go under the deck to the other side of the house to pick up another gutter or two as well as the pool drain.

Project: Kids

The childlins continue to thrive as they slowly drain the lifeforce out of me and The Boss. The Boy loves to ride his bike, swim, and make very loud noises. He is also quite proud of his height, the length of his arms, and the girth of his belly. Makes me proud. O.G. loves his mommy and car vroom vrooms as well as choo choos. He also enjoys pushing his thumbs into our dogs eyes. She puts up with too much.

Project: House

Let’s not talk about it ok?

Project: Deck

I expanded the deck a few years ago to connect to our Jedtastic above the ground swimming hole. To save money I left all of the old crappy wood on the deck and covered it in deck restore. Pro tip – deck restore doesn’t un-rot wood.

At a minimum I need to put new treads on the deck stairs. I’m tinkin that I’m going to take the opportunity to expand the existing stairs and add a new set to the other side so I don’t have to walk all the way around the pool to get to the pump.

What Else?

I need to put a patio out back to replace our hateful gravel and expand the driveway out front for the boat and pickup truck. No biggie. Should have it done by 2025.


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