What Did I Step In?

The texture familiar. No smell, yet. No witnesses. I may be able to leave this where I found it. I look down to my naked foot. Horror. I’m sure there’s a more accurate way to describe what I saw squishing up between my smashed big toe and eternal hangnail of the pointer, but I lack the vocabulary and cannot locate my thesaurus.

What Did I Step In? A new book by Jed, pick up your copy wherever non ethanol fuel is sold.

I thought I would stop in, see how you are doing, promote my new book, exemplify bad grammar and update you; on the status of my projects.

Upon review of my previous posting Jed Redux it appears I have made no progress. No matter. I’m here, you’re here.. on with it.

Project: The Playhouse

I cleaned off the deck and finished the PVC phone that goes between the playhouse and playground. Really wish I had more to say. Paint and trim are next!

Project: Drain The Swamp

I have yet to expand said swamp drain, but I did do a tad more grading and jammed a 2×4 in the ground to support the electrical outlet.. which now sits too close to the ground. Dang it.

Project: Deck

In a Jed fueled rage I ripped the stairs off of the deck and burned them. Crap. Now I have to build stairs. The previous design did not consider the stairs being the primary sleeping and pooping place of two goats. They’re not especially sweep-able. I mean there were other reasons for the demo, like they were rotten.


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