Inconsistently Consistent

As the fog descended Jed surveyed his options. Soon visibility would be near zero and he would have to wait for safety. The swamp ahead was littered land mines and God only knows what else. Then he spotted it; the safe house. Jed took a final look and ran for it. He immediately tripped over a cooler, splashed in mud, nearly bit the dust in a pile of dog poo, and was greeted by a smiling goat. So close to the red shed. Jed never would have cut it in the military.

Practically every recent post I’ve written has been a “man I haven’t written in a while I’m totally going to write more now” post. Here’s another one for you. I mostly write these in the AM and don’t actually have time to do that anymore with my current schedule. So I’m speed writing before I force The Boy to put clothes on and fight O.G. tooth and nail to get into the car seat. Just another Monday in the life.

So I’m once again at it again. I’m making yet another attempt to clean and organize my shed that I just can’t seem to stay on top of. The last time I redid it I created a few shelf aisles, basically put a few shelves and tables perpendicular to the walls. Turns out this was a terrible idea and made my floor space just about unusable. I’ve shoved everything back against walls and am giving it another go.

My last organization attempt was the ol’ pull everything out, sort, put back. Problem is I ended putting away piles of like things in piles that were pretty much unusable. This time I’m making a space for everything. I’m trying to use the scraps I have to create spaces/holders/whatever I need rather than go buy more crap to make more scraps. I can always upgrade in the future. For now I just need the dang thing to be usable.

My shed includes seasonal storage, kids toys, welder / torch, all of my lawn equipment, electrical / laser cutting area, and ideally space for wood work. The building isn’t big enough for all that crap but I’m not building another one so I guess I have to deal. The last time I tried to reorganize I put a workbench and a few shelves perpendicular to walls to create aisles and spaces. The shed is just too dang small for that so I’ve scrapped the idea and am giving it another go.

So here’s progress..

Yard equipment shelf replaced with slightly better shelf and shoved against the wall.

Bench vice installed, didn’t go quite to plan, but what does?

Plumbing supplies slightly more organized. I’m going to make a little shelf for small pipe remnants but they’re sitting there for now.

I replaced the handle on my pooper scooper. I’m not sure it’s relevant but it happened.

Toy / Yard game area in progress.

Deluxe paper towel holder installed.

Yup that’s it. Stay tuned for more epic adventures in moderate organization. Perhaps someday I’ll finish the death ray, I’m confident it will make for a better write up.


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