Stairway to Jedven

It’s been a few months since I tore the stairs off my deck. I didn’t really intend to tear the dang stairs off, I just wanted to fix them. Anywho, fire up some music and let’s do a quick dive in.

In a very UnJed like fashion I have been putting off rebuilding the stairs I hastily removed in July. Mainly because I don’t know how to build stairs. Well I did a bit of youtubing and googling and I am now certified internet expert stair builder. I settled on a design, drew it all up and went off to the lumber mega house. With a smile on my face I rolled out my 1200 pound cart of triple price lumber and fully cured concrete (check the bag people.. don’t take home previously wetted concrete). I spent a few more hours pretending to think this thing through and got to building. I don’t really know how to measure off of a wonky deck but I think my solution of screwing boards to it and trying to make them really darn level worked out ok.

So day 1 ends with an odd frame of lumber attached to my deck and a slab poured below. I stuck brackets in the slab for railing posts. Fingers crossed everything lines up the way it’s supposed to. I also did my college best to protect the slab from goat hooves. We’ll see how fort kickass held up tomorrow AM.

That’s it for now. I’m sure the rest will be smooth and uneventful with almost nothing to write about. Stay tuned for the inevitable crash and burn.


1 thought on “Stairway to Jedven

  1. Elizabeth Thompson October 5, 2020 — 7:38 am

    Hey, Jed. Did you know that Jed’s dad likes projects like this? And… he has lots of really cool tools just waiting to be put to use… Just sayin’.


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