Can’t Stop Stairing

Slinging this post out the door at speed on a Tuesday morning (Editor’s Note: This post is being completed on Wednesday morning). I still have to get 1.5 kids dressed, change a diaper, and brush some teeth (Editor’s Note: Teeth did not get brushed, it was a rough morning)!

I’ve been kicking just about every day off with this insane song. Not for the faint of heart.

If you’re not up to speed on project stairs go ahead and take a step back. I’ll wait.

We left off with a bit of optimism about my slab and bracket placement. Well, it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that I can’t measure. The whole dilly is a bit wonky but not enough to stop progress.

I took my time and cut the stringers, got those bad boys on the first try no redo’s! Good thing, since wood is stupid expensive right now.

Moved right to lower posts and treads with minimal issues. I did have to flip around my cross bracing for the lower posts because they lined up right with the crack between the treads. Didn’t want water sitting in there rotting everything.

From there I went to railings and hit a bit of a snag. For some reason my railings were ridiculously low. I mocked up a few different setups and finally figured it out when I took a few steps back. The original stairs were only 6 steps. The new stairs are 7 steps and end up level with the decking. Basically that means the whole set is higher than the old one bringing it closer to the rail.

The fix was to add two more posts to the top of the stairs. A little annoying but it’s fixed. I worked until I was rained out, and now I’m waiting for it to stop so i can finish this project!

In the meantime I’ll just keep making goofy little tool holders until all of my tools are off the ground.


1 thought on “Can’t Stop Stairing

  1. Elizabeth Thompson October 14, 2020 — 7:25 am

    Do you know the key to a happy marriage? A shed and a she-shed. 💜👿😇


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