Goat Cam!


Goat Cam!(beta TEST)

Welcome to the Red Shed goat cam. We have two goats right now – Pebbles & Bam Bam.  Bam Bam is black and white, Pebbles is brown and white. They enjoy standing on top of tall things, yelling at me, sucker punching my dogs, and pissing in my wood pile. They’re pretty awesome.

Goat Cam is currenty live streaming on my YouTube channel.. CLICK!

Feed the goats! 

Fill out all/some/none of the info below and press the button.  Before you press the button look at the Twitter feed below and make sure the goats are ready for a snack.

[DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t do anything yet. But it does post to twitter!]


Goat Tweets!


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